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2019 Careers Conference Program Proposal

Program Information

On Saturday, October 12th, OCPA will welcome undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, and graduate students interested in the field of Student Affairs to the Careers in Student Affairs Conference at Capital University, which will center on the theme “A Brighter Future in Student Affairs”.

The conference will afford attendees the opportunity to learn about the profession of Student Affairs, explore the numerous functional areas within Student Affairs, develop skills necessary to enter the field and be introduced to some of the historical and contemporary aims of higher education as a profession.

The following form is designed for those interested in submitting a Program Proposal for the 2019 OCPA Careers in Student Affairs Conference. For full consideration, all program proposals must be submitted by Friday, September 6th, 2019.

Program Title: *

Primary audience:

Describe the primary target audience for your program.


Program Abstract: *

Please include an abstract of your program. This abstract will be used in the program guide if your program is selected. Please limit to 100 words or less.

Connection to Conference Theme: *

Please explain how your program will support the conference theme of "A Brighter Future in Student Affairs”. Please limit to 100 words or less.

Research & Theories: *

Please provide and explain the research and theories used to support your program. Please limit to 100 words or less.

Learning Outcomes: *

Please provide two to four learning outcomes for the program. Please limit to 100 words or less.

Learning Outcomes: *

Please be detailed as this information will be heavily used by the committee in determining which presentations will be selected.

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